Flash Forward is creating a connected network of laneways across Melbourne with their own stories, visuals and acoustic designs, showcasing Melbourne’s creative culture and unlocking the previously hidden potential of some of the city’s lesser-known laneways.  

More than 80 creatives have been engaged to create works responding to 40 of Melbourne’s historic laneways through lighting, music, and creative installations. All new work. All free.

Flash Forward Team

Program Development and Delivery Management
Simeon Moran
Mikkel Mynster
Emily O’Brien


Visual Arts Co-ordination and Support
Charity Bramwell
Rich Keville


Linda Catalano
Olivia Cheung
Kat Gill
Laura Hale
Anita Kazmierczak
Dan Koop
Beatrice Lo
Steve Mayhew
Shane McGrath
Esita Morgan
Fraser Orford
Xavier O’Shannessy
Kate Spencer
Bo Svoronos
Emily Sweeney
Simon Reis


Marketing and Communications
Michelle Cheung
David Geoffrey Hall
Zoë Lea
Cara Williams
Tyson Wray


Din Heagney
Yanni Florence
Laura Kirkham


Lighting and Technical Support

Paul Lim
Bosco Shaw
Richard Gorr
Rachel Lee
Nick Moloney


Production Support
Jim Austin
Geordie Barker
Phil Bodey
Ginger Clark
Sam Doyle
Kim Freeman
Rod Gilbert
Justin Healey
Zara Jones
Paul Kavanauagh
Claire Marmur
Bianca Mastroianni
Gillian McCarrey
David Peterson
Kyle Schofield
Andrew Schudmak
Ruby Spokes
Whyte Trashe


Rhys Graham
Tim Hellier
Dan Murphy
Nicole Reed


Research and Evaluation Support
Nadin-Jara Barakat
Kevin Kwon
Jesse Mentha

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