• What is Flash Forward?

    The Flash Forward project is creating a connected network of laneways across Melbourne with their own stories, visuals and acoustic designs, showcasing Melbourne’s creative culture and unlocking the previously hidden potential of some of the city’s lesser-known laneways. More than 80 creatives have been commissioned to create works responding to 40 of Melbourne’s historic laneways through lighting, music, and creative installations.


  • How can I find out about when things happen?

    Flash Forward is a rolling program of delivery. Completed laneways and performances will be announced gradually as they come online.

    You can keep an eye on our website and social media to catch all the latest developments and check out our Explore page to see which laneways are completed and upcoming.

  • When will the performances be announced?

    Performances will be announced via our Flash Forward social media channels and Events page. Please note, due to COVID restrictions and limited space in laneways some of our performances have very limited capacities.

  • Do I need tickets to attend a gig?

    All of our Flash Forward performances are free to attend. However due to COVID restrictions, some capacities will be limited, and may require registration.


  • Where can I see artwork?

    Visit our Explore page to see which artworks are completed and upcoming. Flash Forward is a rolling program of announcements, so keep an eye on our social media to catch new works as they are launched.

  • How can I listen to the music?

    All our new music will be released through Heavy Machinery Records. Announcements and preorders will be made via the Flash Forward social media channels, and you can check out new music via the Artist pages.

  • Where can I find merch?

    The Flash Forward shop will open soon in Presgrave Place. Pop in to have a chat with our team, or check out merch, records, and prints from your favourite artists. All proceeds go directly to the artists.